Humanatic Invasion Ver.13.0003


Our Team did their best to make software for Humanatic reviewer! The programmers did their job just wonderful! We’ve tested the software on our account and the results are AWESOME! With our free “Humanatic Invasion Ver.13.0003” you can now review more calls even you have slow internet connection.

This is not a form of cheating, Our Team only extract the codes on humanatic websites and encode it on our software. This will help and allow those humanatic reviewers with slow internet connection to load well and faster the calls.

This software will also benefit the Century Interactive Company because humanatic reviewer will become more efficient and accurate in reviewing a calls using our 200% volume feature.

We will only distribute this software for free to 100 persons.. 60days trial.. Those 100 persons can continue to use our software by paying $5/month.

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Humanatic Invasion Ver.13.0003

First of all, you have to log in your humanatic account on normal browser, then open our program, enter your humanatic username, choose one category you want to review (NOTE:choose only a category that you have on your humanatic account or else you will get an error), Connect, wait.. then Start!. That's it, review as many calls you want.

This tools can help you to load, play and listen well to the calls even you have a slow internet connection. The calls will also automatically load and play when there is available calls.

This Tools is safe to use, because we only encoded the codes on our software that we extract on humanatic websites and it contains unique protection features that will keep both you and your account safe during the process. In addition, with the use of the included Auto-Update feature by paying $5/month after using the 60days trial, the software will be updated with the latest working codes every time you will run the software. That means no matter if the humanatic developers release additional patches in the future.


-Fill up the form here: put your name and email address to get an entry.
-After you filled up the form, we will receive your name and email with your corresponding number.
-Wait on August 25, 2013 and we will randomly pick 100 lucky persons using
-Those 100 persons will receive email from us with the download link of the software.
-Good Luck and Happy earnings.

File Name:Humanatic Invasion ver.13.0003
File Type: .exe
Size: 396 KB (406,029 bytes)
Price:60days Free Trial. $5/month to continue using this software
Status :Updated

Software Features:

-No more Nan/0 calls.
-Calls will automatically load and play when there is available calls.
-Adjustable volume up to 200%.
-Increase speed on average completion time.
-Increase your earnings up to 100%.
-Can easily increase your accuracy.
-Load and Play calls well even with slow internet connection.